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Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute
Purpose Statement – 2017

  1. To provide education courses that equip aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the business skills and insights, tools, resources, and networks to start and grow successful businesses;
  2. To advocate federal, state and local governments to support entrepreneurs and encourage accessible means of raising capital for entrepreneurs to grow and expand;
  3. To empower entrepreneurs to manage their finances to build long-term success and impact;
  4. To work with entrepreneurs that have character but lack the capital to grow and expand their businesses;
  5. To build outreach programs to educate and inspire others about the positive contributions entrepreneurs make to their local communities;
  6. To inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to “do good” locally and globally in all they do;
  7. To solicit and receive contributions, purchase, own and sell real and personal property, to make contracts, to invest corporate funds, to spend corporate funds for corporate purposes, and to engage in any activity “in furtherance of, incidental to, or connected with any of the other purposes”;
  8. To engage in education and any other purposes of a charitable nature which are permitted by the Nonprofit Corporations Act of Arizona State as from time to time amended;
  9. To do all things necessary, suitable and proper for the establishment and accomplishment of any of the purposes, or for the attainment of any of the objectives or for the exercise of any of the powers of this corporation whether herein specified or not, either alone or in conjunction with other firms, agencies, partnerships, individuals or corporations, either as principal or agent, either in the State of Arizona or elsewhere, and to do any other act or acts, thing or things, incidental or pertinent to, or connected with, the business of this corporation, or any part or parts thereof, not inconsistent with the laws under which this corporation is organized.