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What is the Game Changer Program Academy?

The Game Changer Program Academy is designed for aspiring, emerging or established authority-based entrepreneurs to blueprint, validate & sell their first (or next) High Ticket Program that guarantees results for your clients. We call them Game Changer Programs.

The program includes skills, accountability & mentorship, not just training. Twelve monthly Group Coaching calls, accountability partners, templates and much more. This is a Program we sell for $10,000 USD, not some fluffy home study course.

For more details,check out this Program outline.

How many scholarships have you awarded?

As of March 28th, we have awarded 142 scholarships, worth $1.42 million USD to people in some 21 countries across the globe. And with the Corona Virus, we've decided to double down and expand this full scholarship offer to hundreds of more entrepreneurs.

What if I'm interested, but not sure I have the time?

At the end of the day, it's up to you. But we've designed this Program as a shortcut to success. If you're in this boat, you're probably over-consuming content. You're more than likely in a state of overwhelm. Conduct a time audit. I bet you could easily find the 30 minutes to 1 hour a day you need to be successful with this program. But if you really can't, click here to get started on the process, then select the "no time" option and you'll be placed at the top of the queue for the next intake in Fall of 2020.

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Please note, you must qualify for this Scholarship, filling an application does not guarantee acceptance.
That said, as of March 28, 2020, 79.8% of applicants did qualify.
And if you don't, rest assured we will send you some quality training to help you, on us.
Our goal is to award 20,000 full Scholarships by Aug 31, 2020.  

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